The Gokhale Institute Of Politics and Economics (GIPE) is a research institute located in Pune, Maharashtra.


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Learning never stops on campus, whether it be lectures by the in-house faculty, or guest lectures, or indeed the students themselves. But we don’t just stop there – the calendar is choc-a-bloc with sports and cultural events too! Check out these links to find out what’s happening right now, and learn how you can join in.

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Guest lectures, Workshops and more. Everything that’s about extra-curricular learning.

the Campus

The campus is a verdant one, with a calm and serene atmosphere. The architecture blends in the old and the new to pleasing effect – we don’t know what it is, exactly, but you always feel at home once you’re on the campus!


The 8:10

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One Book A Month (OBAM)

Join the official book club of GIPE! Engage in monthly discussions about topics.

Food Blog

Being located in one of the oldest suburbs of Pune helps, for restaurants and eateries that suit every budget (and palate) are only a short walk away.



The Banyan Tree

The venerable banyan tree is another highlight of the campus, and often plays host to many vigorous debates and discussions.

In the library building, we have

Kale Hall

Situated in the library building itself, the Kale Hall is known for playing host to various reputed guests from all over the world.

Dhananjayrao Gadgil


The Dhananjayrao Gadgil Library, located on campus, is Asia’s largest library in the field of social sciences, and filled to brim with treasures modern and ancient.