Shantanu Dixit – a representative of the Prayas Energy Group

Shantanu Dixit – a representative of the Prayas Energy Group – visited the famed seminar hall of Gokhale Institute on the 5th of December, 2019 to deliver a talk about energy, and its various aspects in India. He began the session with an introduction to the current status of energy in India, in its various forms and types. 

About Prayas: Prayas (Energy Group), or PEG, has been active in furthering public-interest in the energy sector through analysis-based advocacy from around 1990. During this period, it has made significant contributions to the Indian energy sector and has established its credibility among the various actors in the sector through its comprehensive and analytically sound approach to issues. It strives to leverage its unique strengths to achieve lasting impacts through improvement in governance, prevention of gross inefficiencies, and optimizing resource use. To achieve this, PEG uses diverse tools and works with various stakeholders such as citizens groups and movements, researchers, media as well as the policy-makers and governance institutions. PEG is characterized by a compact group of high quality professionals with social commitment and strong ethical values working in an informal, non-hierarchical networked structure. The session then ended with the mandatory round of questions that were answered by Mr. Dixit. 

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