Mr. Anand Paranjape, Marsh and McLennan Companies | Back To College | Season 0

Mr. Anand Paranjape had delivered a two-part lecture on the 25th and 27th of August, 2020, where he gave a complete overview of the insurance sector.

During the session, he had spoke about:

  • What the term ‘insurance’ refers to, and technical terms used in this field.
  • Various facets of insurance.
  • How insurance works, including for commodities without a market value, such as vocal chords for singers and legs for athletes and models.
  • Careers in Actuarial Sciences
  • Insurances in sporting events 
  • Insurance companies in India, and how they work and make profit.

Due to the students having a large number of queries on the insurance sector, Mr. Paranjape had divided his session into two parts, both of which were filled with lively discussions and ended with a sound understanding of this industry for the students.

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