Decoding Public Policy With Yash Agarwal

Yash Agrawal is the co-founder of Public Policy India, a start-up which functions at the crossroads of Media and Policy. The main objective of Public Policy India (PPI) is to serve as a knowledge platform and drive the wheel of realisation towards improvements that can be collectively made to societies and systems. PPI has developed certain specific features and products for a wide audience who are short on time and have lower attention spans, but are impactful enough to develop an urge to understand the topic better before forming an opinion. 

In his talk, Yash focused wholeheartedly on the condition of Public Policy in India. Economics behind policy making is crucial in every aspect while deciding upon policies. As economics deals with society, it is essential to understand this aspect at the very first step. With a steady economic growth and policy evolution, it is upon us to extend this development to every nook and corner of the society.

He also discussed career models including talent management, experience and career development. It is essential to develop a skill set required to make one more employable, right from the beginning. According to Yash, to develop an efficient career model for yourself, you should work before doing a Master’s. This not only helps to gather confidence but also gives you a certain experience in your respective field. 

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