It is the mellifluous singing of the nightingale 

and not the croaking of the toad, 

It is the flare of the candlelight

and not the world engulfed in flames,

It is the colour of the rainbow

and not the pale sky,

It is the kiss of the breeze

and not the stormy nights,

It is the laughter of the waves

and not the flood eating away,

It is the tinkling of the bell

and not the blaring loudspeakers,

It is the showers of the rain

and not the heavy downpour,

It is the Gita verses and the exodus from the Bible

and not the verbal fights,

It is the guns and rifles used in Olympics

and not on battlegrounds,

It is the sharing of the cake and wine 

and not the disparities among us,

It is the donation of the eyes after they close

and not an eye for an eye,

It is the nursery rhymes, the songs and hymns

and not men screaming during riots,

It is peace and not the war

That the world demands today.

Let this be elucidated to one and all

for it is nature itself that commands

that peace is the need of the hour.

Let this be comprehended soon

For doomsday is not far away

Let this be known to one and  all

That peace is the need of the hour.

Allow peace to follow and to lead

for peace is what we need. 

Ayati Mishra

F.Y.B.Sc. Eco div2

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