Have you ever wondered how glorious the intersection of psychology, marketing, market research and brain science would look? The BSc. students got the opportunity to delve deep into that intersection called neuromarketing in a session organised by Ms. Ayushi Poddar, certified in digital marketing and the founder of YourEduSpot. 

Neuromarketing combines Psychology and Consumer Behaviour and applies it to the field of marketing. The goal is to study the human mind and increase sales. The workshop focused on all the various dimensions of neuromarketing and how the consumer’s behaviour can be understood and used for the company’s benefit and how to confront the barriers such as The Fogg Behaviour Model, cognitive biases and hyperbolic discounting. 

Themes such as psychology, human needs, buyer emotions, user behaviour, negotiation pattern and habit formation which have a core importance were a main subset of the discussion. The 6 Stimuli of the Reptilian Brain was also introduced along with various captivating examples from the industry. 

The psychology behind stock photos, copywriting and UI/UX tactics were some practical learnings discussed in the session for the students. 

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