A Weeb Amongst the Professors 

If the title is not intriguing enough,  then this discussion is sure to leave you in amazement and awe because that’s right, Fellow weebs! We have found another one of us among the professors of Gokhale Institute, and it’s none other than our Uday Sinha Sir, who is a  Visiting Faculty of Macroeconomics at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics and is also a member of the Faculty Advisory Board of the 8:10 Newsletter

In this interview, the first part was conducted by Madhura and Himanshu while the second part regarding Anime was conducted by Aishwarya and Jaideep.  While the first part deals with questions related to the economic policies of India, Our section explores the Professor’s love for Anime and the qualities that drew him to it. Watch the video to know more about Sir’s Anime journey, his recommendations for people wanting to try out anime and the Indian Comic Scene in general!

Following are the questions and their timestamps!

  1. (27:03) Which anime got you into this world? Did you have any initial misconceptions or were you completely open to it? How had your perception changed at the end of it?
  1. (32:29) Which is your fav anime and why? What themes do you usually look for in Anime shows?
  1. (40:24) What would you like to say to gipe students who want to try anime but are unsure of how and where to start? 
  1. (44:37) How successful has anime/manga been in penetrating the Indian Market? Do you think it will inspire Indian Artists to get into that style? 
  1. (52:32) Coming to the Indian Comic Scene, Amar Chitra Katha has been and still is a popular comic among children and adults too. What do you have to say about its influence on young people?

Interviewed by 

B Aishwarya Lalitha and Jaideep Natu

-S.Y B.Sc

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