Incredible India

From serving tea to guests at home to pointing foreign tourists in the right direction on the road, Atithi Devo Bhava defines Indian hospitality.

Tradition and modernity meet to create an enchanting nation of united diversity, where each state has its own special charm, India is a land of contrasts.

Two of the many darlings to our country: Words do little justice to the architectural beauty of Taj Mahal, the white monument of love. Kashmir, an integral part of India, not only blesses our eyes with its scenic beauty but the land also stands for the courage of the Indian Army.

Bringing to the picture is Kushinagar, which has been a holy place for Buddhist countries from around the world since Gautam Buddha is believed to have found Nirvana at its Mahaparinirvana Temple, making it the most sacred shrine of Buddhists. Unlike before, with the take-off of the international airport, courtesy to the government, we can now bring in pilgrims directly to the town. 

The festival that is known for separating brothers brings together tens of millions of people from every nook and corner. Yes, I’m talking about the Kumbh Mela! The festival is efficient, convenient and safe with the efforts of public and private organizations. No more bhule-bhatke people!

This is Incredible India, however, Bharat Mata has too much to offer, more than what meets the eyes. Let me take you on a little tour to explore the less explored India now!

A jewel from North East India, the Hornbill Festival of Kohima, Nagaland focuses on nurturing the Naga tribe’s rich culture and featuring its extraordinary heritage with its artisanship and cuisine.

Jhansi is famous in India for Rani Lakshmi Bai but its significance is getting lost in the pages of history books but with the construction of the defense corridors by the government both the image of Jhansi as a tourist destination and the economic prospects of the city will be enhanced. If this doesn’t epitomize Women Empowerment, then what will?

International Yoga Day was started in 2015 but a little-known fact is there has been a school of yoga that has been around for fifty years. The Bihar School of Yoga in Munger is claimed to be the epicenter of the yogic revival in the twenty-first century and is a spiritual torch, illuminating thousands of minds with yogic wisdom.

Bihar has another global treasure, the Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Being a pilgrimage for Buddhists from across the world, many monasteries have been established in the spiritual town of Bodhgaya by various nationals. The flags of so many countries around in a small Indian town is what brings out the incredibility for me.

What comes to your mind when I say man vs wild, humans fighting the wild, right? Remember Spain’s ‘Running of the Bulls’ from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu is the Indian version of this sport and can only be believed to be true when seen with one’s eyes.

A variety of terrains, long coastlines and islands, festivals, flora and fauna, and cost-effective yet superior health care brought in about 18 million international tourists from around the world for adventure, beach, cultural, ecological, wildlife, and medical tourism before the pandemic. In the midst of the pandemic, India emerged as a big supplier of vaccines. We believe in taking care of the entire world because our philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam emphasizes on the concept that the world is one family.

As the start-up era continues to flourish, the Incredible India campaign can further bolster the entrepreneurial spirit and establish itself in a much bigger way. Just how Shark Tank India has drawn the attention of people from all over the country, our entrepreneurs can call for investors from across the world. When we count the zeros in the world economies and the net worth of the riches, we use the invention of Aryabhata, an Indian mathematician. Today, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Parag Agrawal, Leena Nair, all from Incredible India, are global figures serving the world!

The Incredible India campaign has no doubt established India, a diverse but united country, as a global brand since 2002. Just like South Korea, where their music and lifestyle are the talk of the town and Hallyu is taking the world by storm, Incredible India can gain more traction by involving the youth in its marketing. Isn’t our demographic dividend our greatest asset?

The same way as the Statue of Unity is the tallest of all, with great potential India has, it can reach heights that have never been touched before!

-Pratyusha Pathak

SY BSc. Economics

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