SPIRIT WEEK: more than just memories

Few weeks ago, as the first ever batch of B.Sc. Economics of Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics was preparing itself to graduate, they were all decked up to host the most exciting internal annual fest, spirit week. Ideas were pouring in from several corners and themes were finalized as Retro day, Ethnic day and Bubblegum day.

 From facilitating and enhancing social skills to helping students get better at management, the spirit week provided students a great learning curve and an opportunity to amass things they’d label as ‘wonderful memories’ after they graduate.  

The learning that happens at a college fest cannot be compared to a classroom atmosphere. It builds the feeling of you being a part of the University. The vibrant college life is incomplete without a fest and constitutes a major part of the lives of students. It etches a mark on the academic calendar and students look forward to the dates. The spirit week learning varies starting from understanding the nuances of how finances need to be managed and also how the reputation of the university has to be maintained at every step. 


Given our generation’s fascination with the lifestyle of the 70s, this theme seems only too appropriate. Pop culture has become very popular and this theme gave students an opportunity to be transported back in time to the era of the Flower Children and forget their tension for a day as they revel in retro. Right from the outfits to the music, the slightest details were aimed at bringing Gen Z closer to the carefree era of love, warmth and happiness. The pictures authenticate that the theme “Retro Day”, in its totality, was fulfilled. 


The day celebrated the authenticity of our culture. Women arrived in beautifully draped sarees and elegantly worn lehengas and men in  kurtas and pathani suits. From amazing food to spectacular dance performances, the evening felt more even beautiful than it looked.  In this era of modernization and westernization, the celebration of such days gives us a feeling of affection towards the roots of our culture. It was a memorable day, especially for those students away from home who got a chance to recollect memories associated with their traditions.  


A day chosen solely for the purpose of bringing out that carefree child inside us that seems to have been lost somewhere as we have grown up with time. The child that loved dressing and dancing like no one was watching. The happiest and most lively day of the spirit week that gave us a chance to relive the unworried side of ourselves. Cute outfits and lovely music, the delightful evening ended with a sense of contentment!

Sanya Phogat Mann

FY. Bsc. Economics

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