On a pleasant evening in my balcony,

I was staring at the horizon wistfully,

Thinking about how splendid it would be,

If no one had any expectations from me…

Thought the balcony was the perfescape to solitude,

But my anxious heart just couldn’t suppress my inrising feud.

The worst fears and apprehensions weighed me down

Suspension of all thoughts accentuated my frown.

My insecurities were endlessly spiralling,

The very essence of my soul was languishing

And amidst these disdreary ruminations that had no cure

A grey blanket encompassed the azure                               

The rumble of thunder shook me awake

The whistling wind urged me to take a break

Soon, little drops of joy began to pour

They drizzled slowly and then came with a gushing roar

An earthy scent filled the air

The pitter-patter just didn’t seem to care

And in that moment, I knew what I had to do

Without a second thought, I ran downstairs without wearing a shoe

Walking in puddles made my heart flutter

The then drab sky, now donned a band of colour

I made a paper boat and let it enter the bay,

With it, I saw all my worries sail away.


-Gargi Jamker


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