In Conversation with Mihir Kulkarni 

Welcome to the very first edition of the sports video interview series which is posted on  GIPE’s undergrad YouTube channel!

Join Urvee and Shruti as they interview Mihir Kulkarni, an SYBSc student from our college. Mihir is an accomplished long-distance open-water swimmer and an avid trekker. A true sportsman, Mihir unravels his adventures in the depth of the sea and at the top of the peaks. Full of information and anecdotes, one can be a spectator on the boat witnessing MIhir’s inspiring feats.

Hope you enjoy this interview!

Following are the questions and their timestamps:

  1. You started swimming at the young age of 4 years. What made you start and has kept you going all these years? (00:49)
  1. You mentioned earlier that the guidance of your coach played a massive part in shaping you as a swimmer. How important was your coach, Mr Taware, for your journey? (02:56)
  1.  Open-water swimming is a unique sport to pick. The transition from a pool to the open sea must have been challenging, personally and logistically. How did you cope with these challenges? (10:03)
  1. How did you scope out your 36 km swim from Dharamtar Jetty to the Gateway of India? What were some of the most demanding challenges that were thrown your way on the day of the swim? (15:13)
  1. What all technicalities were involved with planning and executing your swim? (28:07)
  1. Just out of sheer curiosity, what exactly did you eat in between your swim and how did you do it? (32:06)
  1. What thoughts crossed your mind when you swam for 9 hours in the Arabian sea? (34:42)
  1. Open-water swimming can be dangerous. What are some necessary safety measures one has to observe in this sport? (39:50)
  1. What would you say to our viewers who wish to take up open-water swimming in the future? (47:27)
  1. You were a member of a team of swimmers in school and your open-water endeavours. How did having other swimmers with you affect your performance and motivation? (50:36)
  1. Another avenue that you have explored is trekking, having successfully completed two 9 and 10-day long treks. Could you tell us more about this experience? (53:39)
  1. What is something that we should keep in mind when it comes to long-distance trekking? (58:09)
  1. Both trekking and open-water swimming are adventures right in the heart of nature. What would you say is the relationship between you and nature? (1:02:02)
  1. If you could swim in any water body in the world, hypothetically, which one would you pick and why? (1:06:01)
  1. What do you see in store for yourself in the future as a sports person? (1:08:57)

Interviewed by Urvee Bodhale & 

Shruti Reddy


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