Through Innocence and Sorrows 

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I look back once in a while 

Just one look and I smile

At glimmering rivers, lush trees 

And there I am, a little me

Hair as dark as the night skies,

With rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes. 

Now that me, a hustling teen, 

While time remains eternally evergreen 

The same me, grown up a lot 

Somewhat aware of life’s plot 

Aware of the pains, and 

How slowly and steadily, the life it drains. 

The twinkling eyes now so dim, 

A shadow looming, looking grim

The same eyes, different with time 

All they see is sorrow and crime; 

Waves of desolation pummel and strike 

Leaving wounds and terrors alike 

I scream and cry and sob and fret, 

Laugh, grin and jump to forget 

The joy is there, the misery too 

Hate and compassion to name a few 

Black and white, the feelings clash 

Make cryptic grey and balderdash 

Living my life now, an imperfect Hippocrene 

The foes, the beauty, unprecedented, unseen 

Flawed and strong I try to stand 

With many a kind, helping hand 

Searching for happiness, with the sorrow

Holding a warm desire to experience tomorrow. 

– Megha Kajale

FY BSc. Economics

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