What will happen, if at all,

I’m left behind while the others trod ahead?

I’ll suddenly feel discouraged and small…

While the others go conquer without lowering their head

What If all my luck is over?

And I’ve already reached my peak.

Maybe my future is completely mediocre,

Where all my prospects are bleak.

While I second guess my work and effort,

Others will leave behind their legacy.

They’ll feel superior and be in comfort,

As I get swept over by jealousy.

They’ll look at me and think,

How my rise could have been exponential 

“What a shame” they’ll say without a blink

“She got wasted like just like her potential”

The hopes and expectations from me,

Will suddenly start to cease.

As I slip into the abyss of failure and pity,

Where my mind has no peace.

Will I always be this dejected and glum?

Will the blemishes fade from my reputation?

How can this phase be overcome?

When there seems no end to my aggravation.

What If I never achieve my dreams,

And let my parents down?

What if the world smashes my self esteem,

And constantly makes me frown?

Maybe I won’t leave my mark on the world,

Maybe I’ll just be another forgotten person,

At whom problems are persistently hurled 

But yet never forgiven…

-Gaargi Jamkar


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