Shreya Sai Duddu 


 SY Bsc        

    I’m so thrilled to have to finally put away the task of brain-blasting 3 hours before the deadline to figuring out what topic to write about!!
    Nah, joking (well, I started writing this  piece 15 min before the deadline XD)
    Being not much of a people person, I remember volunteering to almost every edition of the 8:10 to make myself visible. It was as if it had given me an opportunity to pen down all the matted introspections revolving in my head!
    I joined the team intending to just come out of my comfort zone of being “lazy” ; and cause joining a club in college had a so-called “cool” tag, but I ended up wanting to actually help it grow with the goal of having more readers on our page. This newsletter, though not read by many, carries the passion of writers who want to make an impact. The whole journey of figuring out an interesting topic and articulating to arrive at the perfect phrases was so very engaging and extraordinary.
    Being a part of this club has opened several doors for me. The articles I’ve written and published for the newsletter were a part of my portfolio, which I submitted to be hired by Groww as an Intern! Keeping aside the academic achievements, it has helped me formulate a sense of responsibility and belonging. 
    College certainly creates a ruckus in your mind in terms of your social circle, and creating a sense of belonging is what people thrive for throughout those three years!
    Massive group changes, dramas and fights indeed do create entertainment but one needs a sense of security to laugh about it 10 years down the lane! Perhaps this provided me just the same, and I’m so very grateful to be a part of this family. 

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