Vaishnavi Ganpule,

Senior Content Team

S.Y B.Sc

This article is brought to you by My Last Attempt at Humour ™I never know how to start, words don’t come easily to me. My last remaining brain cell works way too hard to come up with the perfect beginning- precious words that would set the tone of the article. Once I have that, the rest of the article comes as smoothly to me as frozen butter sliding on a pan in Greenland.

My journey as a writer began when I used words to deconstruct the complicated and messy emotions of teenage angst. So, writing has always been personal, private and a way to gauge how I have grown as a person.There was a time when I couldn’t frame a complete, grammatically coherent sentence to save my life. I would always need my father’s help, or have my mother present to bounce ideas off of. And so I refrained from writing because of the anxiety and embarrassment it caused.Even though I stopped writing articles per se, it came in other forms like preparing speeches for morning assemblies and theater classes, writing scripts for school plays, crafting iron clad arguments for debates and composing witty texts on friend groups. Over time, my writing had improved enough that it shocked and impressed my parents. (And that is why I do it really, for vindication)After I learnt of the college newsletter, I made a firm decision to join the 8:10, going against all my anxious inhibitions, to try and challenge myself to come out of my comfort zone. My experience writing for the 8:10 has been a journey of perseverant personal growth (and also a journey of pushing the limits of procrastination).Today, I am proud of what little I have accomplished as a writer. Today I am comfortable enough to publish this article without having any serious doubts plaguing my mind. You know what the problem is with opportunity, it comes disguised as hard work. All you have to do is choose to be better.

Carpe Diem!   

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