Shruti Reddy

Senior Approval Board

(TY BSc Economics)

For me when Bastille sang, “Now you’ll live through the ages,I can feel your pulse in the pages.”, it struck a sense of wonder and made me fall in love with writing even before I started. Writing has the power to breathe life into words that are scratched onto mere paper, it’s pure magic!For me, writing was always about putting my thoughts down on a medium that would forever resound louder than speech. The nuance and intricacies of a written plot are my favourite things to savour and unravel on a rainy evening.It, I realised early on, holds the great power to move one in ways other modes of delivery simply can not. While reading helped fuel my extremely active imagination writing charged it up!
In my first year, I joined the 8:10 with the idea of furthering the nascent budding relationship that I shared with writing. When someone appreciated my write up the sense of fulfilment that I felt was incomparable. It felt like I was successful in putting my opinions for the whole world’s consumption out there. This made all the difference!Writing helped me steady my literal “train” of thoughts, and organise the scattered stars of ideas in my mind into meaningful constellations. Like any other work of art, a good write-up needs a tremendous number of re-reads that you can only bear with tremendous patience. Writing thus, has disciplined me and taught me patience. The 8:10 is a place where I met some of the best people I know at GIPE. I don’t think we would ever be able to connect in the way we did if it weren’t for this newsletter. This newsletter successfully managed to also give me my first taste of the corporate world (I know, we aren’t a corporate), at least the tight deadlines made it feel like that. I learned to develop a good work ethic and to produce meaningful work here and for this, I would forever be grateful to the 8:10!

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