Reneeka Chatterjee

S.Y. B.Sc. Economics

Writer – Senior Content Team

Bonjour! In this candid but almost narrative essay, I shall be talking about my experiences of writing for the 8:10 Newsletter and otherwise too! My journey as a writer began from a very young age. When I was a child, I would attempt to write poetry, but, as I grew up, I realised that poetry is not really my forte. However, writing would always excite me! Whenever we were given the task of writing an essay or anything of that sort in school, unlike many of my classmates who would find the burden tedious, I would always enjoy embarking on a writing (as well as thinking) expedition.
Growing up, I realised that I preferred writing argumentative essays or articles that helped me voice out my opinion to other forms of essays. Descriptive essays never worked too well for me which made me realise that forming poems (which require rhythm) or stories (which require eloquent descriptions) was not my cup of tea. But, writing has always been that mode of expression that I have always relied on in almost all moods.
Humans are social creatures intrinsically; they have to interact and communicate to survive. For me, writing has been that essential and integral mode of expression. Writing adds meaning to my life. It also adds flavour. Writing gives a sense of belongingness to my very own existence. Writing makes me happy. And that matters a lot.
Everyone, in their lives, requires a way in which they can vent out their emotions and let all those thoughts that are clogging their minds flow freely. For me, writing has been that medium. Writing is always an elevating experience. From writing descriptive captions for Instagram posts on a daily basis to writing full-fledged informative articles, writing has become an integral part of my daily life. Translating thoughts into words, and delivering those ideas in a manner that makes it understandable for others, is what writing does! One gets to know how someone else views the world around them, their beliefs, their biases, and so on.
In school, I would volunteer to write in Hindi and in English for almost all editions of our annual School Magazine. I was a part of the English Department of the Editorial Board in school as well. When I joined GIPE, I was really looking forward to joining the Newsletter Team here. As soon as the forms for the selections were rolled out, I applied immediately, hoping to be selected. This passion for writing has brought me here and is the reason behind writing this candid essay. The experience of working as a member of the Content Team in the 8:10 Newsletter has been uplifting!
The 8:10 Newsletter has created a platform for me to express myself and give voice to my thoughts. The joy that writing brings me augments manifold times when I know that it will be published on a website where people can read it. This has also boosted my confidence because there was a point of time when I was unsure of sharing what I write with others. Being a part of the Newsletter Team has inculcated that sense of self-confidence in me, and has taken away the fear or doubt of being judged by others.
Writing really makes me think on my toes, contemplate, and then pen my emotions. Right from hunting for a topic that interests me as well as hopefully the readers, to finally penning the article, writing has helped me grow as a person. Writing has definitely enriched my personality, and is very much a part and parcel of my life now.
When I was younger, I was a voracious reader of books. I believe that the interest in writing came from the interest in reading and trying to recreate something along the same lines. I have always been a lover of words as well. Long and huge words appear aesthetic to me.
I am also fond of different languages and tend to pick them up fast which made me learn French during the COVID-19 lockdown period. So, this love for words, languages and reading is the reason behind my love for writing and linguistics. Any form of art has always brought me pleasure, and literature is one of the foremost, second only to music.

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