Rukmini Salodkar 

Senior Content Team

(TY BSc Economics)

Writing had always been a private affair to me, whether it was journaling and writing down my feelings or it were those really intriguing books and films that made me write a review about them. No one knew about my liking towards writing and how admirable writers seemed to me. In school, it was always those poems, stories, etc written by kids in the newsletter that made me want to enter the world of writing. But, confidence was a huge weakness of mine that made me never want to write in schools because of the thought that kids around me would gossip about how bad I write (because frankly, I wasn’t that good at writing). 

My love for sports however was something that made me want to get into writing. I love not just playing sports but also watching and reading about sports (my friends know this very well because of the fact that the first thing I read in a pink paper as well is the sports section not the business or econ section). And then at the 8:10 Newsletter I found the opportunity to be a part of the sports content team! This is when I realized that I should simply apply what a Greek philosopher called Epictetus said “If you wish to be a writer, write.” And the entire sports team had been nothing but supportive of the same. The journey of “sporting the art of writing” is something that amazed me to the core, the reader of a sports article always knows what the outcome is going to be, who wins and who loses but it is the writer’s responsibility to present it in a fresh way. I thoroughly enjoy this process of writing sports articles and I genuinely thank the ones who gave me the opportunity to write for the sports section at 8:10. But I did not limit myself to writing on sports only, I stretched my boundaries and wrote articles on Sylvia Plath, The impact of raising the minimum marriageable age for women and PCOS that actually brought me compliments from people. These compliments were a huge achievement for me whether it was “Your Sylvia Plath article made me feel her work even more” or it was my dad praising my article, that is when I felt complete. I will never ever forget that feeling of receiving compliments on something that you thought you had no confidence to do. Cheers to everybody who helped me during this journey and has given me nothing but love for the content I’ve written!!! Kudos to 8:10 and the entire team!!

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