Coffeecon Talk (S3 Ep 4)

Padmaja Padwal FY BSc

Anasuya Avadhanam FY BSc

Gaargi Jamkar SY BSc

COFFEECONTALK  is a video series which is posted on the GIPE’s undergrad Youtube Channel   on the last day of every month. It falls under the Econcordia section of the institute’s 8:10 newsletter which revolves around Economics, Business and Finance

In this episode of Coffeecon Talk, hosts Gaargi Jamkar, Padmaja Padwal and Anasuya present to you a clash of the Titans – Vaishali vs Roopali. They try to explain why both these businesses are still flourishing and more importantly they try their respective menus to decide which one is better! Want to know which one won? – Check out the Youtube video with the link below!

We hope this video challenges your perception of economics and you rethink your definition. Tell us in the comments section which restaurant you like more! 

Check out the new video now! 

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