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BSc Event

Freshers’ Party

The Fresher’s Party for the ‘22 batch took place in the GIPE cafeteria. Organized by the co-ordinators, it saw all of the undergraduates attending as well as the faculty of the Institute, obviously, dressed to impress and full of jolly spirits. The evening began with a small quiz session directed towards the faculty, which was followed by an energetic round of Antakshari and Dumb Charades. The evening ended with a few mellow tunes performed by the BSc music club (later Falak), along with some snacks which were served, culminating in a perfect end to a perfect party. After this, the students planned an informal evening for socializing amongst themselves. 

BSc Event

Spirit Week

The Spirit Week is a GIPE tradition started by the first batch of the BSc programme to take a few days out from the daily rut of classes and assignments and internal exams. This year, the Spirit Week was organised in the month of December, to celebrate the end of yet another winter semester and rejuvenate everyone for the next! 

Day 1- Prom

On 11th December, the cultural committee organised the very first Prom at the institute. It was a beautiful starry night, the campus was adorned with fairy lights, complete with slow, mellow music. It was a night to dress up, dance, mingle and just have the kind of night we’ve only seen in movies! Everyone came with dates and danced to their favourite songs. The organisers also played cupid by having a Rose Day in the previous week, for those who needed a little nudge! A two day ballroom dance workshop had also been organised to really get everyone in the feels.

Day 2- Ethnic Day

Any college year is incomplete without an ethnic day! The second day of the spirit week was the day for all the desi girls and boys of GIPE. Singers and poets disguising as Economics students at GIPE impressed everyone with their talents and got the mehfil going. Everyone jammed to bollywood music  and enjoyed the food fest that was organised on the same day! Multiple chaat stalls and street food carts were lined up on campus. 

Day 3 –  Bollywood Day

Another tradition being followed in every college these days is that of Bollywood Day. We obviously jumped the wagon too this year! Everyone dressed up as their favourite characters from movies like Gangubai, Poo, PK, Chandni, Sanjana, Chulbul Pandey and many more and as the DJ played one bollywood song after another, every character got their chance to rock their own song! Photos were clicked, reels were made, memories were created! It was also the last day of the semester and thus was the perfect celebration before everyone went back home for the holidays!

BSc Event

SPorts WEek

The Sports Week 2022-2023 was a roller coaster ride with challenges around every corner but a team full of grit and determination made everything possible. Our sports committee handled each aspect dedicatedly. From waking up and reaching the venues before 6am to reaching home late at night, it had become a part of our routine. Banners were designed and printed, communication among all was carried through Google forms, WhatsApp groups, Query redressal on the campus etc. without any hindrances. 

A voting took place to decide on which sport events to organize over the one week. Finally it narrowed down to cricket, table tennis, basketball, chess and more.It started with Volleyball & Badminton matches that took place on the same day, which required coordination between timings, participants and venues which wouldn’t have been possible without prior operations. The pinnacle was that one of the faculty members, that is our very own Aseem Bhagwat Sir, a visiting faculty also participated in all sports, which we dearly loved & enjoyed. Even the hostel staff participated in cricket and football. The needs and wishes of all students were taken into account and were accommodated for. Sincere conduct & sportsmanship was shown throughout the week. We fortunately did not face any dissension among teammates. 

Our personal favorite day was the one when the football matches were held. Non-participating students from our college were also present to cheer their mates as teams were made division wise.The day ended with the highlight which was the tug of war.

We could see the passion driving the strong will to win. The matches were cut-throat with everyone bringing their best to the table. Despite the strong sun and long hours, the participants didn’t give up. Friends became rivals on court with an intensity unmatched. It was indeed a sight to watch. However, managing finances was one of the most herculean tasks, which was taken care of by our committee splendidly. Having taken the responsibility and no budget in hand, money was put in from their own pockets. Each penny was spent and recovered from the college funds. To sum up, there was so much to just one week of the academic year that taught and took out of us which in the end was all worth it.

BSc Event

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt 2022:

The treasure hunt was the first event for the year organised by the recently joined FYs, (with help from the seniors, ofc!) The intention was to facilitate an inter-batch interaction at a scale perhaps like no other!

120 participants. 12 teams. Three rounds. One giant cash prize. Held within one evening with 6 hours of absolute rushing, scurrying, clue hunting (sometimes shoe-hunting), bear grilling and bell gonging later, one team emerged as the winner!

The search took our hunters through the nooks and corners of our campus, which (although it might look tiny) was transformed into one giant playhouse where no corner and no stone could be left unturned. Clues could be anywhere! Under the pots and over the terraces, within the bushes and inside the trees, among old books in the library and even the portraits of our fathers. All buildings were turned upside down.

The second round took our venturers, even beyond the campus limits, to the college hostel’s far reaches and through the FC Road alleyways. Thus we selected our four finalists.

The third round, the most difficult, was more than one to test who could solve clues first. This time there were puzzles. Ones which needed to be cracked to lead the teams on their quest. And visible through the windows in plain sight, the final clue was waiting all along. Up the hill and under it, the prize was finally won.

Treasure Hunt 2k22 was an absolute blast! You may ask anyone you want, and we will be back this year! Bigger, grander, and more fabulous! Till ye timbers!

BSc event

DYO art exhibition

DYO Art Club was delighted to conduct a tremendously successful art exhibition on 24th March 2023, which took the art scene by storm. The exhibition which was set up at the seminar hall of our college, was curated by the visionary heads of the DYO Art Club, showcased an exceptional collection of artworks that captivated audiences and left a lasting impression on art enthusiasts and visitors from all walks of life.

The gallery’s expansive, contemporary setting perfectly complemented the diverse range of artworks on display, creating an atmosphere as engaging as it was visually striking. The exhibition’s success was a testament to the exceptional talent and creativity of the artists involved. The carefully curated collection featured a rich tapestry of artistic mediums, including painting, photography, digital art, and more. Each piece showcased the artists’ unique perspectives, pushing boundaries and inviting viewers to explore new dimensions of artistic expression.

The exhibition received overwhelming praise for its ability to transcend traditional artistic conventions. Visitors were immersed in thought-provoking installations, vibrant colours, and breathtaking craftsmanship. From the evocative brushstrokes of the paintings to the intricate details of every artwork captivated viewers and ignited their imagination.

The heads of the DYO Art Club expressed their immense pride and gratitude for the overwhelming response to the exhibition. “We are thrilled by the incredible success of this exhibition,” they shared. “It is a testament to the talent and dedication of the artists, as well as the unwavering support from the community. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase these exceptional artworks and promote the importance of art in our lives.” The exhibition’s success has firmly established DYO Art Club as a driving force in the local art scene. Through their commitment to nurturing artistic talent, fostering dialogue, and providing opportunities for artists to shine, DYO Art Club continues to inspire creativity and elevate the arts to new heights.

BSc Event


Bidding Adieu 2023

Organised to celebrate the three years of the 2022 graduating batch, It was an End Of Session cultural event as a “so long” for our seniors and optimism for the future. Many dances and songs were performed, along with standup and a self-composed piece. Even the seniors performed for each other as their last time on stage, which turned into a nostalgic gathering for everyone. A brilliantly made photobooth and motivational speech from the Vice Chancellor Ajit Ranade added to the successful event.


MSc Event

Interlude – Karaoke Night

Interlude is the flagship event of the MSc Ibaadat Music Club. On October 19, 2019, it was a karaoke night! It was indeed as amazing as it sounds and melodious tunes filled the air to the brim that night! BSc students participated in the karaoke too, with a few practiced numbers from the music clubs of both MSc and BSc.

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MSc Event


TEDxGIPE was organised on 25th January, 2020, by the MSc students at Kale Memorial hall. BSc students participated in this as volunteers, as well as performers in the Informal Night that followed after. It was an insightful evening and a delightful night on that day. Watch the videos here:

  1. Montry Manuel
  2. Mukul Bhatia
  3. Dr. Swati Subodh
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MSc Event


Sangam: Seize the Stage, was organized on the 21st of February 2020 at the Kale Memorial Hall. It was held to mark the closing of the academic year, and had Simran Khurana and others as guest performers. Simran Khurana is the founder of The Yellow Room.  

Sangam is MSc GIPE’s cultural evening and was an opportunity to showcase one’s talents to the entire institute. The evening was remembered for the wide variety of music, dance and poetry performances from both MSc as well as BSc students, with a bunch of memories made along the way, captured in film by CANDID – Photography Club.

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