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BSc Event

Freshers’ Party

The Fresher’s Party for the ‘22 batch took place in the GIPE cafeteria. Organized by the co-ordinators, it saw all of the undergraduates attending as well as the faculty of the Institute, obviously, dressed to impress and full of jolly spirits. The evening began with a small quiz session directed towards the faculty, which was followed by an energetic round of Antakshari and Dumb Charades. The evening ended with a few mellow tunes performed by the BSc music club (later Falak), along with some snacks which were served, culminating in a perfect end to a perfect party. After this, the students planned an informal evening for socializing amongst themselves. 

Collaboration With MSc

Independence Day

The Independence Day of 2019 marked the first Independence Day celebrated by the ‘22 undergraduate batch on the campus of Gokhale Institute. Everyone came dressed in their finest whites and traditional colors, early in the morning, to attend the flag-hoisting ceremony, enjoy the small cultural event put up by the cultural committee and our band, and of course, to commemorate the day when our country was finally free. The Independence Day at GIPE is a special affair, more so, because the Institute served an important purpose in the freedom struggle of our country. The famous banyan tree where the Mahatma sought counsel from his mentor – Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the house where the esteemed Gokhale wrote most of his thoughts of educating the public and his famous speeches, the campus itself that was home to the Servants of India Society that was established in 1905 with the sole purpose of serving the nation – all of these give rise to a whole horde of emotions in one’s heart when one witnesses the tricolor fluttering in the wind on campus.

BSc Event

Teachers’ Day


The faculty of the Gokhale Institute for the BSc course logged in for their very first virtual interaction on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, along with the students as an audience. With almost all the faculty currently teaching being present, every single one of them was given the spotlight and showed the students a side to them which they had never seen before, in a jaw breaking discussion which lasted for around 45 minutes. The students from the SYBSc batch had also prepared a short video, with nostalgic music playing in the background, holding placards with messages showing how much we value them. The event left the teachers joyous beyond bounds and with a good feeling for the remainder of the day.


The 5th of September 2019 saw everyone dressed according to a specific dress code, with the teachers dressed in their best attires. The event was organized at the Kale Memorial Hall by the students after much planning and much practice. The programme consisted of a solo and group dance, along with a performance by the BSc music club, and a classical music piece.

Collaboration with MSc

Republic Day

The 26th of January 2020 saw the students of GIPE arriving dressed in their traditionals, early in the morning, to commemorate another one of our country’s milestones on this historic campus. The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by a cultural event prepared by our BSc music club, accompanied by a round of tea and snacks. 

BSc Event

Spirit Week

The second week of February 2020 saw a little fun concept thought of and put up by the B.Sc. Economics batch of 2019-22 to break the near monotony of academics – the first edition of GIPE’s Spirit Week.

BSc event


The Monsoon is indeed a Boon- slithering away from the scorching Indian summers is indeed a bliss!

GIPE’s art club- Discover Your Oeuvre (DYO) virtually celebrated the blissful onset of monsoon by conducting the DYO Monsoon Boon series!

DAY 1 -It’s Mandala Time!
We believe that Mandalas aren’t just a popular way to decorate your homes during the festivals- they are also a great way to relieve stress! Check out the wonderful Mandala designs made by the participants here!

DAY 2- Mindful Calligraphy
We forgot about the keyboards for a day and allowed the beautiful swirls of ink to rule the page instead! Check out the gorgeous calligraphy designs made by our free-spirited participants here!

These days, the video calls seem to be endless! But we successfully doodled our way out of boredom- check out the creative doodles made by our participants here!

We concluded the series by sketching out our favourite things! Check out our soothing sketches here!


MSc Event

Interlude – Karaoke Night

Interlude is the flagship event of the MSc Ibaadat Music Club. On October 19, 2019, it was a karaoke night! It was indeed as amazing as it sounds and melodious tunes filled the air to the brim that night! BSc students participated in the karaoke too, with a few practiced numbers from the music clubs of both MSc and BSc.

MSc Event


TEDxGIPE was organised on 25th January, 2020, by the MSc students at Kale Memorial hall. BSc students participated in this as volunteers, as well as performers in the Informal Night that followed after. It was an insightful evening and a delightful night on that day. Watch the videos here:

  1. Montry Manuel
  2. Mukul Bhatia
  3. Dr. Swati Subodh
MSc Event


Sangam: Seize the Stage, was organized on the 21st of February 2020 at the Kale Memorial Hall. It was held to mark the closing of the academic year, and had Simran Khurana and others as guest performers. Simran Khurana is the founder of The Yellow Room.  

Sangam is MSc GIPE’s cultural evening and was an opportunity to showcase one’s talents to the entire institute. The evening was remembered for the wide variety of music, dance and poetry performances from both MSc as well as BSc students, with a bunch of memories made along the way, captured in film by CANDID – Photography Club.