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Transwomen, HIV and sex-work in India 

To an eight-year-old in an Indian playground, the term ‘gay’ or ‘Hijra’ is often a slur, to be spoken in hushed tones around adults or in spiteful retort to his friends’ insults. But this isn’t out of ignorance, or out of belligerent hatred towards the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a product of  social conditioning. Even today, we openly hold biases against those who do not belong to the ‘status quo’ i.e the cisgender and heterosexual population. In the wake of the scrubbing of the article 377, even conservative pockets of India have opened an eye towards the LGBTQIA+. Whether it is for the better or for the worse is debatable. Ignorance is still abundant, and there is a long way to go till acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ in India trickles down to all walks of life. 

The story of the Indian Aviation Industry (Part 2)

The Airports Authority of India Act, 1994 combined these then-independent domestic and international authorities in the year 1995. Thus was conceived this statutory body which was christened as AAI. It comes under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation. Whenever you travel to an Indian airport, you will see the famous AAI logo for sure.

How C0VID-19 Affected Women Entrepreneurs

India’s working-age population is projected to increase to 58.8% by 2031 from 55.8% in 2021. This implies an addition of nearly 97 million people in the workforce, thereby making India the country with the largest working-age population in the world by 2031. The demographic dividend, coupled with a well-educated populace, has the potential to boost India’s economic and social growth.

Impact of the Taliban rule on Afghan women 

The Taliban have hurled back into power, and the Afghans are not alone in having to face this brutal reality. The Taliban, which means “students” in the Pashto language surfaced in 1994, around the city of Kandahar. Seventeen years later, the country is still in mayhem as the Taliban have taken over almost 60 percent of the country, the most territory it has controlled since the year 2001.


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