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The first part of this article series is dedicated to celebrating Amitabh Bachchan’s 80th birthday, this year! This will take us on a delightful ride through the evolution of Hindi cinéma from 1913 to the late 1960s, before the rise of Bachchan.

India has one of the oldest, largest and most popular film industries in the world. Hindi cinéma, popularly known as Bollywood, refers to that segment of the Indian film industry that produces motion pictures in the Hindi language.

The Hunger Games: An economic perspective. 

The Hunger games trilogy introduced the genre of dystopian young adult fiction to the 21st century generation. It set the benchmark for dystopian literature in the years to come. The book is set in the fictional country of Panem. A boy and a girl from each of Panem’s 12 districts are chosen to fight to death in a gruesome, televised tournament organised by its government. The tournament, called the ‘Hunger Games’, ends with a lone survivor as the winner. 


David Card was awarded half a Nobel Memorial Prize in 2021 in economic sciences for his contribution to labor economics, that is, the minimum wages and employment paper that he wrote with Alan B. Krueger. 

Card and Krueger wrote the paper called “Minimum wages and employment: A case study of the fast food industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania” in 1993. The crux of writing this paper was to find out how the employers respond to an increase in the minimum wage; since the prediction from the conventional economic theory is somewhat unambiguous


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