Talks at gipe

There is no better way to understand economics and appreciate the scope of academics than putting down a textbook and attending a seminar or a workshop on the same. Celebrating the tradition of Guest Lectures at Gokhale Institute and expanding on our horizons by student-professor collaboration, we present a host of webinars and seminars for everyone to watch with something in store for everyone, from those wanting to build on the concepts of behavioral economics to those seeking to understand the idea of P in GIPE.

Guest Lectures

From the time of its establishment, Gokhale Institute has had a long-standing tradition of hosting Guest Lectures. Started with the spirit of expanding the scope of our academics, the topics covered by these lectures are incredibly diverse. Transcending the echo of Kale Hall, this culture persevered the pandemic and hence we present a mix of webinars and seminars.

Back to College Series

Economics is a subject that finds practical application in multiple fields. The Back To School Series touches the tip of this iceberg. We have professionals across various fields give talks on how economics contributes in enriching their profession, and reminisces of their own college days. From learning the economics of politics to seeing where the economics of agriculture is headed, people ranging from the world of startups to academia, urbanization, and policy-making shed light on the most prominent questions associated with the intersection of economics and their respective fields.


The workshops at Gokhale Institute are a true reflection of academics organized by students. Studying actively is backed by workshops on subjects like Behavioral Economics, and conducting them online is a feat worth witnessing. Here are some workshops organized by a collaboration of the professors and students at Gokhale Institute, and keep checking in on the website to participate in the ones that are to come. 

Club Talks

The Club Talks are where you can find more information on various talks, workshops and sessions which have been organized by various clubs at GIPE. These are informal, but lively discussions which add flavor to the clubs’ activities. They help students to not only broaden their horizons but also bridge the gap between their passion and professional lives, and understand more aspects of these topics which were previously not thought of.