The Undismal Paradox Podcast

Introducing our very own inhouse podcast! 

The Undismal Paradox was an initiative started in the summer of 2020. The idea was to create a platform where the students could talk about everything and anything they wanted to talk about, to put their thoughts and ideas out for the world to hear. With a little assistance from the professors, the students did everything themselves –  the research, recording, editing and marketing. TUP (as it is fondly known around campus) has since provided a great platform for students to let their voice be heard in this world. 

There have been 3 series which have been completed under TUP:-

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Latest Episodes

Wednesdays : TLDR : Awkward Silences and The Bystanders Effect The Undismal Paradox

Ever log into an online class, hear the teacher ask a question and bask in the nice awkward silence that follows?  Ever rage about how apathetic the mankind has become, filming accidents and mishaps rather than helping the people?  These two things may not be as different as you think they are… Wanna know how? Tap play and find out in our first episode of Too Long; Didn’t Read, where we talk about Smokey rooms and sannata in online classes! References:
  1. Wednesdays : TLDR : Awkward Silences and The Bystanders Effect
  2. Mondays: Beyond The Stream: Episode I – Stream Now
  3. Fridays : OTP : Obstacles To Progression – Trailer
  4. Wednesdays: Tl;dr: Too Long Didn't Read – Trailer
  5. Back To College with Jubin Daniel