The Undismal Paradox Podcast

Introducing our very own inhouse podcast! 

The Undismal Paradox was an initiative started in the summer of 2020. The idea was to create a platform where the students could talk about everything and anything they wanted to talk about, to put their thoughts and ideas out for the world to hear. With a little assistance from the professors, the students did everything themselves –  the research, recording, editing and marketing. TUP (as it is fondly known around campus) has since provided a great platform for students to let their voice be heard in this world. 

There have been 3 series which have been completed under TUP:-

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Latest Episodes

Podcasting 101: The Journey The Undismal Paradox

SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT 9 newbies. 3 miniseries. One crazy experience. Like the saying goes, sharing is caring, and it pretty much applies to our experiences too,  so ahead and listen to all of the crazy, behind-the-scene stories that we have for you!
  1. Podcasting 101: The Journey
  2. Mondays: Beyond The Stream – Outro
  3. Fridays : OTP : A patriarchal problem Part -2
  4. Wednesday : TL;DR : Understanding Growth Hacking
  5. Mondays: Beyond The Stream: Episode V – Put Your Money On Me