DEATH NOTE – Review by a New Weeb

What if you had the supernatural power to kill anyone you want? Many of you already know where this is heading. I am late to the party but here’s my review of the legendary anime, “Death Note”.
In a dining table conversation about East Asian media, I was suggested this anime. I was told that it is ‘that’ superior show, which can turn me into an anime fan. No denying that; I am currently binging Naruto.

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It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane! It’s a Bi?

The comic universe recently exploded when one of the all-time favourite comic book characters, Superman, came out as bisexual. As always, people reacted in many different ways, including but not limited to joy, disappointment and also, sadly, bigotry.

Superman is a character created for comic books and movies by DC Comics. He was born on planet Krypton and was sent to Earth on an emergency pod just before Krypton bursts in a ball of flames. He lands on Jonathan and Martha Kent’s farm in the fictional town of Smallville, who adopt him

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A Weeb Amongst the Professors 

If the title is not intriguing enough,  then this discussion is sure to leave you in amazement and awe because that’s right, Fellow weebs! We have found another one of us among the professors of Gokhale Institute, and it’s none other than our Uday Sinha Sir, who is a  Visiting Faculty of Macroeconomics at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics and is also a member of the Faculty Advisory Board of the 8:10 Newsletter

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Not in the Oxford Dictionary

Cover pages matter. Especially on days when you browse through a bookshop aimlessly. It is impossible to not run your fingers across the spines of the books as you drift from one rack to another. Usually, we gravitate towards racks that hold our favourite genre and/or writer’s work. This book however, made my head turn. It was present in the self-care section, one that I don’t ever glance towards. Something about this cover seemed to invite me. I didn’t purchase it, but the one word title was seared into my memory. 

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Exploring the world of Graphic Designs with Harshvardhan Singh/Discovering Ragas and Swaras with Jelin Anand

To get into Digital Art, I initially started like how every other kid does, with a paint brush and random colours. A lot of inspiration came from movies and shows I grew up watching, this may sound a little weird but Aamir Khan’s 2007 film Taare Zameen Par worked like quite an inspiration for me. I remember watching it on Christmas and getting pad and poster colours to become the next Ishaan Awasthi.

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