FIFA : An economic gain for the host country?

An organisation which aims at making football truly global, and to develop football everywhere so that there are at least 50 national teams and 50 clubs from all continents that can contend at a globally competitive level.

Forums like FIFA, the Olympics and the Commonwealth games are always under the eye of the media. Every minute aspect of these tournaments is under scrutiny. One of the key aspects is the country hosting these world championships

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The Changing Face Of The Taxi Industry 

Well, this has actually happened. Starting December 12th, 16 auto unions in Pune have decided to go on a strike indefinitely in protest of bike taxis (rapido) that are expected to impact the cab aggregator business (Ola and Uber) and have already  adversely impacted the income of many rickshawalas . Their demands are – banning bike taxis in the state (interestingly, bike taxis are banned in Karnataka and Assam), cutting CNG prices (or increasing base fare), changing the base policy of electric vehicles (e-vehicles don’t require permits and can roam anywhere in the city- thus, affecting autowalas) and stopping harassment from the finance companies (most auto drivers default on loans because their incomes fluctuate daily and lack stability).

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David Card was awarded half a Nobel Memorial Prize in 2021 in economic sciences for his contribution to labor economics, that is, the minimum wages and employment paper that he wrote with Alan B. Krueger. 

Card and Krueger wrote the paper called “Minimum wages and employment: A case study of the fast food industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania” in 1993. The crux of writing this paper was to find out how the employers respond to an increase in the minimum wage; since the prediction from the conventional economic theory is somewhat unambiguous

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The Hunger Games: An economic perspective. 

The Hunger games trilogy introduced the genre of dystopian young adult fiction to the 21st century generation. It set the benchmark for dystopian literature in the years to come. The book is set in the fictional country of Panem. A boy and a girl from each of Panem’s 12 districts are chosen to fight to death in a gruesome, televised tournament organised by its government. The tournament, called the ‘Hunger Games’, ends with a lone survivor as the winner. 

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UK Financial Crisis

The UK is currently experiencing a turbulent political and financial period. Ex-UK Prime Minister Liz Truss left office on Thursday, October 20, just 45 days after taking office, making history as the leader of the country with the shortest tenure ever. Despite her brief tenure, she had a considerable impact on the country heading for recession.

What did Liz Truss do to require her resignation from her position after just 45 days? This article will explain the UK’s economic condition, Liz Truss’ mini-budget and why it was received poorly.

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