Not in the Oxford Dictionary

Cover pages matter. Especially on days when you browse through a bookshop aimlessly. It is impossible to not run your fingers across the spines of the books as you drift from one rack to another. Usually, we gravitate towards racks that hold our favourite genre and/or writer’s work. This book however, made my head turn. It was present in the self-care section, one that I don’t ever glance towards. Something about this cover seemed to invite me. I didn’t purchase it, but the one word title was seared into my memory. 

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The too good to be true “buy one get one free” advertisement 

Advertisements are something we see inadvertently every single day. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t see a newspaper publicising a brand or a billboard on the street hyping a product. Advertisements play a huge role in our lives, influencing almost every decision we make and every small irrelevant thing we buy- and sometimes, they prove to be more of a stumbling block than a remedy.

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In Conversation with Manasi

I started playing athletics when I was just six years old. My events are 100m and 200m. Honestly, I had no complete plan in my mind back then. I just loved playing and athletics being the base for every sport, since it involves every aspect of fitness, my parents and I decided to choose it. Later on, even if I didn’t like the sport, I could shift to something else and adapting to that sport won’t be a problem. So this was the basic idea behind joining athletics at Deccan gymkhana. Frankly, I didn’t realise when I started loving the sport so much. I started playing district and state-level matches back in 2nd standard and won gold and bronze, respectively. After that, I couldn’t stop myself from running. 

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Exploring the world of Graphic Designs with Harshvardhan Singh/Discovering Ragas and Swaras with Jelin Anand

To get into Digital Art, I initially started like how every other kid does, with a paint brush and random colours. A lot of inspiration came from movies and shows I grew up watching, this may sound a little weird but Aamir Khan’s 2007 film Taare Zameen Par worked like quite an inspiration for me. I remember watching it on Christmas and getting pad and poster colours to become the next Ishaan Awasthi.

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Impact of the Taliban rule on Afghan women 

The Taliban have hurled back into power, and the Afghans are not alone in having to face this brutal reality. The Taliban, which means “students” in the Pashto language surfaced in 1994, around the city of Kandahar. Seventeen years later, the country is still in mayhem as the Taliban have taken over almost 60 percent of the country, the most territory it has controlled since the year 2001.

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How C0VID-19 Affected Women Entrepreneurs

India’s working-age population is projected to increase to 58.8% by 2031 from 55.8% in 2021. This implies an addition of nearly 97 million people in the workforce, thereby making India the country with the largest working-age population in the world by 2031. The demographic dividend, coupled with a well-educated populace, has the potential to boost India’s economic and social growth.

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