How Trump Is Planning His Epic Comeback And Why it Will be The Death Of The Republican Party

House of Representative leader Liz Cheney was ousted from her leadership position in the Republican party on the 24th of May after a closed-door voice vote. This overthrow was the consequence of her continued criticism of Trump and rebuffing election fraud claims since January 6th. She was also one of the ten Republicans that voted for Donald Trump’s impeachment. On the following Sunday, the House minority leader Kevin McCarthy remarked that he could no longer defend Cheney amidst growing backlash from the party.

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Souvenirs And Goodbyes.

Midnight productivity pesters me too much; for it arrives unannounced and leaves me prone to the riptide of emotions to follow.

The motivation to turn my room upside down arrives at the odd occasion and hour; for it’s trapped under the debris of my mind, without the slightest space to wriggle out. But this time, I held on to it before it spirals away in the vortex of thoughts again.

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