Understanding Urbanization with Binoy Mascarenhas | Back To College | The Undismal Paradox Podcast

Back To College: A series of discussions with professionals on how they would approach college differently if they were to do it all over again, while also telling students how to make the most out of their college life, and to avoid the mistakes which they made.

Binoy Mascarenhas is an Urban Planner and Economist and has been implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to global urban challenges. Serving as the Head of Urban Transport at the World Resources Institute till 2019 he managed urban transport and road safety work across India and south-east Asia. He is a co-founder of Equal Streets (a citizens’ movement advocating for inclusive mobility in Mumbai) which put together the city’s first, weekly car-free day program. He has since transitioned to a research-oriented role at WRI, focused on the regional planning scale.

Tune in to learn more about topics ranging from the importance of historical buildings to urban planning, preference of pedestrians to planned/ smart cities, flyovers and paid parking. Also, look out for the pieces of advice, sprinkled throughout the talk for those who wish to be a part of this interesting field!!!

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