Tableau Workshop

Gokhale Institute organized a 4-day workshop for students to get acquainted with and learn more about Tableau and how to use it in a practical and professional manner. The guest speaker for this workshop was Ms. Anuja Kulkarni, a professional Data Analyst and alumni of Gokhale Institute. The students were exposed to various topics and ideas in data visualizations over the course of these 4 days. Ms. Anuja Kulkarni began the workshop by covering the basics of Tableau theory and further explained how to create dashboards in Tableau. The sessions were very interactive and practical oriented, with the students getting exposed to various operations such as calculated fields and quick table calculations in Tableau. Students were given activities to work with and create various visualizations such as bullet charts, dual-axis charts, waterfall charts, Pareto charts, and much more. The workshop incorporated analyzing various interactive visualizations and dashboards already available on the internet (eg. Johns Hopkins Uni Covid Dashboard, Polls ) and then learning how to create a complete dashboard in Tableau from scratch. The 4-day workshop was practical, hands-on, and a very interactive and engaging session overall, and the feedback from the students is a testament to that. We thank Ms. Anuja Kulkarni for taking the time out and making this a fruitful and knowledgeable workshop.

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