Forever a learner with Navin Kabra | Back to College | The Undismal Paradox Podcast

Back to College: A series of discussions with professionals on how they would approach college differently if they were to do it all over again, while also telling students how to make the most out of their college life, and to avoid the mistakes which they made.

As a part of the Back to College Series, GIPE hosted the brilliant Navin Kabra, co-founder of, where he talked about his thoughts and ideas on various topics. 

Over the course of an interactive session with the students, Navin threw light on deep and meaningful insights like the future of education, how to make milestone decisions like choosing a career or changing careers, and many more tips and tricks that any average college student can benefit from.

Navin dove deep in terms of his opinions on how the current way of learning is perceived and said that schools and colleges should pick a few concepts and ideas and dive deep into them instead of  ways that they can be mended.  To add to the educational insights Navin also highlighted, the importance of a gap year after graduation as it helps an individual explore and venture out beyond what college offers. Further Navin talked about the gap between leaving college and starting your career. While talking about this he gave his tips on how to prepare for interviews, how to seek out mentors and the value of good communication. While talking about networking, Navin brought forth his love for Twitter and how it is a valuable tool for each and every individual if used correctly and also how asking good questions and seeking help in general, never goes out of fashion.

Navin ended the talk by recommending the students to read the books, ‘What Color is your Parachute’ by Richard Nelson and ‘Designing Your Life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Join us as Mr Kabra talks about the importance of gap years, how to effectively utilise Twitter, flexibility in career paths along with improvements that can be made to the Indian education sector and much more!

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