What exactly is Rationality?

Rationality, derived from the word ratio, is the quality of understanding and deriving the right information based on the facts. Why is it important? Can a person have varying levels of rationality while dealing with different scenarios? 

To understand this widely used assumption in economics the BSc. students of GIPE had a talk with Almosow Free who has taught Philosophy and Logic at Fergusson College, Symbiosis Institute of Technology and the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts.

Knowledge comes when you add rationality to any information and intellect is the instrument for rationality. Can you learn how to behave rationally? How do you know whether you are being rational?

The world provides the content but it’s rationality that structures it. With the rise in fake news across social media, can rationality help us distinguish? 

Are there any barriers to rationality? Do we exhibit rational behaviour when we are in a group or when we’re alone? How can we train ourselves to act rationally?

If you are curious about any or every question mentioned above or just want to discover more about rationality, check out the video here!

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