COFFEEECONTALK is an interview series which is posted on GIPE’s undergrad YouTube channel on the last day of every month. It is a part of The 8:10 newsletter’s Econcordia section and thus revolves around Economics, Business, and Finance.

Here’s what’s in store for this episode!

For the Fourth episode of COFFEEECONTALK, we have Mr. Gordian Overschmidt with us. He’s the CEO of ODE Systems and has been a lecturer in various universities across Europe for almost 20 years.

Ayati and Himanshu first discuss his experience in the academic and corporate world. Then, they move on to speak about his views on today’s dynamic job landscape. Stay tuned!

Following are the questions and their timestamps:

  1. (00:25) Would you like to tell us more about your educational and professional background?-Himanshu
  2. (04:37) Considering the dynamic job landscape worldwide, what do you think are the most important skills that an individual in general and specifically an Econ student must try to develop?-Ayati
  3. (08:53)  What are your views on the education system and the job market dynamics in India and how is it different from that of Europe?-Himanshu
  4. (15:40)  You have been a Lecturer for almost 20 years now, what skill sets did you acquire as a professor that have helped you transition into the new space of venturing into the corporate world and building up your own company ?-Ayati
  5. (19:53)  You took the decision of starting your own Company ODE.Systems in 2018, what led you to this decision, and could you brief us about what the Company is about?-Himanshu
  6. (28:57) What are the most valuable assets or skills that you have acquired as an entrepreneur?-Ayati
  7. (34:30) Is there any other profession that you want to try your hand at, if at all?-Himanshu

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