COFFEEECONTALK is an interview series which is posted on The 8:10 newsletter’s playlist on GIPE’s undergrad YouTube channel on the last day of every month. It is a part of The 8:10 newsletter’s Econcordia section and thus revolves around Economics, Business and Finance.

For this episode of COFFEEECONTALK, we have the pleasure of inviting Dr. Anurag Asawa. Dr. Asawa is currently an associate professor at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune. Along with this, he is also a researcher and has been a part of many projects related to policy formulation. 

In this interview with Asawa sir, Mrunmayee and Wani talk about the experiences he has enjoyed over the span of his career and get candid about his journey with various projects. 

Here’s how the discussion progressed:

  1. (0.31) You have been working as an associate professor at the Gokhale Institutes of Politics and Economics, Pune. What is your biggest takeaway from this wonderful journey?
  2. (2.06) You have been working on various projects in the areas of Housing, Migration, Water and Energy. How was your experience?
  3. (9.21) Your research projects are mostly based on primary data collection. How has that affected your perceptions of how data should and shouldn’t be used? 
  4. (13.08) You have also done a study of the Nira Deoghar project. Do you think PPPs have been useful in improving India’s social infrastructure in general and specifically in the Nira Deoghar project? 

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