DYO: October

Emotions are something that connects a person to another. We experience different kinds of emotions every day and this is life! Isn’t it? Emotions are like dense forests, deep in the air. Sorrow is like a forest at night covered with darkness. Like V. S. Khandekar in his article ‘Vizlela Deva’ says, “There is no place as safe as darkness to express sorrow”. The little fireflies in this darkness are happiness. Though small, they are charming, cheerful. They make sorrow disappear. Now love, the most beautiful feeling is the calm, relaxed moonlight in this forest. Love is that which dispels the darkness, in which the fireflies rise. The soft cool wind in this forest and the swaying trees on it mean peace, the rustling of the leaves, the gurgling sound of the spring means peace. It has a distinct calmness and serenity. Now there is love, then there is anger. Anger is like a storm that destroys everything. Such a forest of feelings is dense and deep. If you look at all the lovely things like fireflies, wind, springs, moonlight, etc., it becomes extremely joyful.

-Isha Badhe 

SY (BSc Economics) 

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