Scene 1 : Care

Her trembling hands caress the needle pricks,

fluttering eyes veil the glistening tears, 

a feeble smile shadows the angst inside, 

as she bids farewell, unprepared. 

Scene 2 : Courage 

Rose in hand, propped against the hospital wall,

a confession was made. 

24 days — of togetherness, of adoration, of hope,

inadequate, yet overwhelming. 

Scene 3 : Commitment 

At 68 he joined a startup. 

My startup. 

From day to night, from losses to profits, 

from a nobody to 40 under 40, we held on. 

Epilogue : 

Today, standing with folded hands,

as they grieve — they triumph. 

My Mom. My Girlfriend. My Dad.

At my funeral. 

Ananya Mehrotra


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