Are we HUE-MANS?

( A theory on the colour palette)

Is this world run by colours? Perhaps it wants us to know its little secret and we just can’t figure it out. Primary school involved teaching us all about key colours and how mixing just yellow, red and blue could give us a wide spectrum of every possible hue.

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The colour palette includes a whole range of colours,  consisting of shades of almost every element on earth. From the subtlest shade of the dewdrops to the vibrant raging complexion of fire. Everything feels connected, and I cannot help but wonder why green is such a dominating colour on land!

It could have been any other tint from the vast colour palette,why green? So I looked up at the sky, which decided to sprinkle its pixie dust on me ! Pretended to be Elsa for a while…and then boom! A thought like never before occurred to me and I had chills run down my spine! Like I had figured out the Da Vinci code with the holy grail right in my hands! Perhaps Mary was the wife of Jesus and Sophie was the bloodline of Christ, but I had made a hypothesis which could feasibly change the way we look at life!

Maybe all what we would do is hidden in plain sight! Maybe our surroundings already know what is going to happen! Green in dance, with red mustaches are to be worn by the performers who have to act as villains and blue, by the heroes. 

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Rama and Krishna have always been blue, thanks to Amar Chitra Katha!  Perhaps Ravan and Kansa weren’t attractive in green, hence were given our colour (peach)? Read about how green screens are used to change backgrounds while shooting. Perhaps humans are green screens personified adding on to the fact that all of us change faces! The Sky is your Limit is a phrase which has been hammered into our brains since childhood. Do they want us to change colours, the journey from green to blue? Are we the villains of this story?

Maybe our ancestors deduced the so-called “superstitions” from colours. Possibly nature speaks in colours! You shouldn’t enter the Pooja room when you are on your period! “Stupid old superstitions ugh….what’s the relation with me bleeding and god” ! Well how about relating it to colours, perhaps red didn’t mean love but pain, and we couldn’t sit down in pain! Was it just the old way of saying “beta I love you, take rest”?

Conceivably black and white never meant yin and yang. For all I know it could have been the imagery of a black swan who was forced to change its colour! 


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Nature sure does have its plans! Just like how I played along being Elsa, one girl actually did, until she died on 26 April 1986 in Chernobyl! While I played along with white droplets, she did too but with black ones! And just like how the black beads tore down generations together before it became white, maybe we being green would follow the same timeline.

Perhaps we are meant to blemish this place before blue arises from within! Well, we surely are known as “Hue-mans” the generations who stuck to one shade green.

And if not anyone else, we surely did make Charles Darwin proud!

PS : (used a Dan Brown and Frozen reference).

-Shreya Sai Duddu

FY Bsc

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