It drags her down, this ruthless current,

In the ocean of her tears, she drowns

Funny, she thought she learned to swim;

But the darkness, it calls, like devil’s spawn 

Its claws pull her under.

In frantic frenzy, they fling, her limbs 

Her vision blurs, and her throat stings 

Lungs burn as the pressure builds 

The water toils, slowly crushes her will

The haunted silence deafening as she sinks.

It engulfs her, the alluring darkness

In black solitude, torturously she decays

Forgotten and unloved, in pain, she shrivels.

The last straw, the domino spills,

As down the abyss they disappear, her dreams.

From the depth of the night, the sirens sing

They bait her with an idyll sweet;

As the air runs scarce, she plays her part

 Loosens her grip, and lets go 

In the darkness, deeper she goes, and

  finds peace, evermore.


At dawn up on a windowsill 

Sits she, as first lights caress the hills.

  She woke up with a start at midnight,

It was the horrors that plagued her mind.

Now calm as the birds sing,

Yet, emptiness seems to persist.

-Megha Kajale

FY BSc   

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  1. Shourya says:

    Its beautiful💯

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