COFFEECONTALK  is a video series which is posted on  GIPE’s undergrad YouTube channel on the last day of every month. It is a part of The 8:10 newsletter’s Econcordia section and thus revolves around Economics, Business and Finance.

In this new season, we’ll be putting out videos on various topics that come under the realm of Econcordia. Just like our newsletter, The 8:10, has 5 sections, we are introducing sections to Coffeecon talk as well! There will be 4 different series which will be revealed one by one in the upcoming editions.

As a part of our series “Contemporary Econ & Finance”, the third episode talks about  ‘The 2023 Budget Predictions’.

In this episode, Manya gives five budget predictions for Prime Minister Modi’s last budget before the 2024 general election. In addition to smart fiscal resolution,we see how external events like the general election, Ukraine and Russia war and other global events drive the budget decisions .

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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