Getting Imaginative with Gaurav Juyal

On 23rd Oct 2021,  Discover Your Oeuvre, GIPE’s art Club had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Gaurav Juyal- most popularly known for his work in the show “Art Attack”. In a few words, he is an artist and educator, however, his myriad specializations leave us all in awe as they range over animation, illustration, material intelligence, design foundation studies, art integration, and multi-disciplinary learning.

He starts the session by reminiscing about his childhood, he painted his journey as any other student like you and me who had discovered their passion. In his own words, “I was not doing academically well simply because I didn’t like it and didn’t understand the point of it.” And then in the 8th grade, he decided upon pursuing animation. Since then, he has been paving this path. 

He tells us about his “Unplanned Adventure”. After graduating from the National Institute of Design he received the opportunity to work on the show “Art Attack”. This show made him realize his interest in working with kids. He has spent about 7 years visiting schools and conducting workshops. Throughout the session, we get a glimpse of how he has used every opportunity as a stepping stone towards learning and challenging himself. He tried to expand beyond his comfort zone as he started teaching and mentoring college students. He is a founding faculty at the Institute of Design, Jaipur, and has even taught science at the Riverside School, Ahmedabad even though it was a vast deviation from his major.

In a constant attempt to better understand the artist in himself, he keeps on experimenting with different art forms- like, he did a lot of graffiti on several shutters in many different cities, of course with the permission of the owners! He has also practiced several mediums of painting from water to oil-based paints.

He advises us to continuously develop ourselves and aspires that with the changing stigmas regarding formal education, children would be able to be more proactive towards harnessing their skills and talents rather than pursuing a mindless degree. With his own example, he has tried to inspire us to follow our hearts.

His words against ours:

Q. How do we find our own style?

A. Experiment with different styles. Find what doesn’t work for you. Experimentation is the key. Keep changing your skin until you find what fits.

Q. How to create better DIYs?

A. To get better at DIYs, know how to manipulate matter and know its qualities. See what works best with different materials.

And we had a fun discussion that revolved around all these exciting topics!

Watch the video to check out the entire talk!

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