COFFEEECONTALK is an interview series which will be posted on GIPE’s undergrad YouTube channel on the last day of every month. It is a part of The 8:10 newsletter’s Econcordia section and this interview series will thus revolve around Economics, Business and Finance.

Here’s what’s in store for this episode!

As you can see, this is the very first episode of COFFEEECONTALK and we’ve timed it correctly to make sure that it intersects with the 10th edition milestone of The 8:10 newsletter!

In this episode, Madhura and Anoosheh (Editor in Chief and Senior Editor of Econcordia respectively) chat with Prof. Dr. Ashish Kulkarni. Ashish Sir is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune. He is also the author of the blog ‘Econ For Everybody’.

Since this is the 10th edition of The 8:10, we wanted to put out something unique, something that blended Economics and Writing together- and what better way to do this than to interview the blogger of Econ For Everybody himself! In this episode, we speak about writing, Economics, designing a curriculum, getting a PhD- and many such insightful things.

We conclude the interview with a unique-to-AK’s-college-lectures game called the ‘5 Random questions’. 

Following are the questions and their timestamps:

Q1. (0:00) Madhura: Do you enjoy creative writing? Also, any suggestions (courses, online courses, books etc) for someone who wishes to delve into creative writing?

Q2. (1:17) Anoosheh: What, in your opinion, is the best way to convey the jargon of Economics in a manner that is accessible to somebody who hasn’t studied Economics?

Q3. (3:14) Madhura: We all are studying Economics at the moment but I’m sure that many of us would like to diversify into something that’s unique and blends well with Economics. And at the same time, some of us might want to just study pure Economics- like majoring in Macro etc. What are your tips for: somebody who wishes to diversify- and somebody who simply wishes to study pure Economics?

Q4. (7:25) Anoosheh: Your thoughts on getting ‘the’ PhD and tips for choosing a topic for a thesis. 

Q5. (11:53) Madhura: What were the things that you considered while designing the BSc program at GIPE- and based on these, what would you suggest to someone who is planning to design a new course, in any discipline? 

Q6. (16:37) Anoosheh: GIPE’s 2019-22 batch had a fun time, learning not just one- but two subjects from you in the first year of their study. One of them is Business communication. You spoke about what good writing (& bad writing) is in one of your classes. Could you please repeat it here for the larger audience?

These questions are followed by two rounds of 5 random questions conducted by Madhura and Anoosheh- watch the interview till the end to catch those!

Madhura Joshi

SY (Bsc Economics)

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